Avantii Caters Morning Tea

Morning tea

mixed piccolo croissants


Assorted mini croissants includes, chocolate croissants, almond croissants & plain croissants. You may request mini sachets of various spreads for the mini croissants at no extra cost. Avantii caters recommends 1 piece per person.

piccolo quiches


A fantastic savoury option. Our home made mini quiches include, Cheddar & Ham, Mixed Vegetable, Smoked Salmon & Dill.

danish fruit pastries


A delightful choice of freshly baked mixed danish pastries. A popular choice thats sure to satisfy clients and colleagues. (Avantii caters recommends 1 piece per person).

savoury muffins


This option of either pumpkin & feta cheese or spinach & cream cheese savoury muffins are a tasty alternative to the traditional morning tea. Guaranteed to satisfy the morning munchies. Avantii caters recommends 1 savoury muffin per person.



A variety of banana, apple and almond, blueberry,raspbery, chocolate and orange and poppyseed muffins, with options of large or bite sized.

seasonal fruit box


A selection of seasonal fruit pieces served in piccolo boxes. Upon request you can add an optional dollop of yoghurt at no extra cost.

scones with jam & cream


A selection of freshly baked rasin and plain scones served warm, with butter, jam and whipped cream.(recommended serving 1 per person)

savoury serves


A combination of mini bagels (include poppyseed, plain and sesamee seed), mini crossaints and brioche. All fillings include philledelphia cheese, phillidelphia cheese and avocado, ham and cheese, smoked salmon, turkey and cranberry, nutella, jam and butter. (recomended serving 2 per person)

Morning Tea Australiana - Hot


A classic collection of mini meat pies, sausage rolls, quiches and spinach and cheese triangles served with barbecue and tomato sauce - 4 pieces per person

healthy start morning tea


A healthy way to kick of your day with a selection of fresh italian biscotti, yoghurt pots with assorted berry toppings, muesli bars or dried fruit & nuts. Price is per person

The Bakers Selection


A stylish morning tea selection that includes, assorted mini danish pastries, mini cinnamon scrolls, mini assorted croissants, mini ricotta & bluberry tartlets & short bread biscuits. Selection Provides 2 pieces per person.

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